Every Specialized pest control service protFolsom Pest Controlects your home or office from ants, black widow spiders, clothes moths, earwigs, fleas, ticks, crickets, silverfish, cockraoches, grain weevils, mice, rats, roaches and more...


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Regular service is the ONLY WAY to keep your office or home environment Pest Free
Our service includes the following:

Treatment of interior, Exterior, and garages Dusting of attic, sub areas and wall voids when necessary
Removal of SPIDER WEBS from eaves, windows, doors, fence lines, inside garage Power spraying of lawns, landscaping, including fence lines, patios and sheds

Interior cracks and crevasses treatments include fogging when necessary.

Specialized Pest Patrol protects your home or office from all these pests

Ants eat anything we do, in addition to destroying food, some species inflict painful bites Silverfish eat almost everything, including paper, books, fabric and food.
Clothes Moths lay eggs which hatch into larvae that eat woolens, furs, carpets and food Water Bugs also known as the Oriental Cockroach, these insects live in the dark, moist areas and usually come out at night.
Earwigs feed on decaying organic matter and may damage tender vegetation. Grain Weevils can be carried home from your grocer's shelves to infest other packaged goods in your pantry.
Home Crickets very active at night and eat everything from rugs to drapes. Mice eat, destroy and contaminate foods and stored grains.
Black Widows can inflict poisonous bites.  Hide in dark, dry places Rats destroy and contaminate foods infected rodents have fleas which carry disease.
Carpet Beetles Can damage carpets, woolens, furs, and stored foods. Fleas live on blood sucked from animals, birds, humans.  Can transmit disease
Roaches health authorities state that these insects contaminate more food than they eat.  they transport disease and can stain, destroy, and infect. Ticks feed on blood and can transmit serious disease.


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